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30 years ago, a group of boys, Nikos, Kostas, Manolis, Yiannis and Nikos joined the same elementary school. A decade later, Andreas and Vaggelis became friends with them, and so the group became a companionship…

The years past and some of us created families and within our usual discussion topics questions about contemporary diet patterns were added:

"What exactly is the food we eat? Are organic products the solution? Why are these products that expensive?
Whatshall we give our children to eat?”

To provide answers in these questions, Andreas, an agriculturist with extensive experience in the organic food industry, decided to deepen his research on the quality of organic food products versus the respective conventional products, assessing on the same time the real relationship between quality and price.
So Andreas, together with Kostas and Yiannis created a company, having as main scope to produce and commerce high quality organic products.

Within the Organic 3S companionship you are all welcome, cause organic products is the true solution for our diet and now they are available to all…

R & D of new products
Private label products
Packaged Products of Organic Farming
Recipes Development
Raw materials of Organic farming for industry